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Tom Peters Style

Tom Peters is considered the grandfather of all motivational speakers: the iconoclast and change agent that started it all. Peters has been labeled by Fortune Magazine as one of the most influential business thinkers of our time.

Tom Peters Focus

According to Tom Peters, “My passion is for passion,” he declares, “for energy and enthusiasm and boldness and guts and the willingness to screw up and then get up. This is part and parcel of all I present, but also a stand-alone topic. The idea is not, ‘This is cool.’ The idea is, ‘This is requisite in wildly gyrating times like ours.’

Tom Peters Topics

Knowing that the needs of effective leadership change as rapidly as the volatile marketplace it supports, Peters offers audiences the inspiration to take risks and provides them with an innovator's survival guide. His principles include keeping a limber mind and becoming a leader of change, not a follower of the same old, tired traditions.

Tom Peters Engagements

Coca Cola, General Electric, The Home Depot, Disney, Wells Fargo, multiple Fortune 100 Companies.

Tom Peters Before Current Career

White House staff; McKinsey & Company

Books written by Tom Peters

In Search of Excellence A Passion for Excellence; Liberation Management; The Pursuit of WOW!; Thriving on Chaos; Re-imagine! Business Excellence in a Disruptive Age

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