Looking for a teamwork motivation speaker: then Andy Cohen is the speaker with the inspiration and innovation to unleash the creative potential of your employees to spur greater sales and profits!

Follow the other Hand

Andy Cohen is a business motivational speaker who uses magic as a metaphor to convey his innovative, creative, and motivational message. Using magic as metaphor to motivate companies to think differently and generate innovative business solutions in communications including marketing, branding, sales, and management is a creative way to build morale and leadership.

Andy Cohen is a teamwork motivation speaker who uses magic as a metaphor to convey his innovative, creative, and motivational message.

In his most recent book, Follow the Other Hand, Andy Cohen uses a skillfully woven fable to bring inspiration and motivation into people and organizations, helping them unleash their creativity to increase sales and profits.
As a teamwork motivation speaker, Andy Cohen uses unconventional stories motivate and inspire people to better understand how challenging conventional beliefs and connecting with an audience have a real and valid place in today's thriving companies.

Andy Cohenís inspirational and compelling story in Follow the Other Hand combines innovation and creativity with business case histories to show people how to stimulate growth and profit by letting ideas thrive and grow in all kinds of companies.

Andy Cohen, CEO of Exposed Brick, is a as sales consultant, motivational speaker and inspiration author who helps companies and their sales teams think differently to generate new marketing and sales ideas and innovative business solutions. Andy Cohen has published numerous articles regarding business and sales motivation in both U.S. and international publications. His work has been translated into seven languages. Andy Cohen's speaking work and inspirational writing on his proprietary OPC+B sales innovation and motivation formula have received national press coverage including The New York Times, AdAge, AdWeek, Adfomatie (Netherlands) and Nippon Press (Japan). St. Martin's Press recently published Andy Cohenís new book Follow the Other Hand.

As a teamwork motivation speaker Andy Cohen is available to speak to small and large groups of all kinds.

Innovation and creativity can help you and your business reach its full potential, and a teamwork motivation speaker like Andy Cohen and his seminars are unlike anything youíve experienced before. Give Andy Cohen a call today and experience the motivational satisfaction of an innovative speaker who will inspire you to reach your full potential to generate top sales performance. Follow the Other Hand can help you motivate your sales force, and is an innovative sales motivation technique that will delight and astound you for years to come.

Andy Cohen is a unique teamwork motivation speaker and has appeared at 15 DMA Annual Conferences.

As author and lecturer on innovations in marketing, brand advertising, direct response, and innovative sales motivation Andy Cohen has published numerous articles in both U.S. and international publications. Andy Cohenís motivational, inspirational, and innovative sales approach has been translated into seven languages. Furthermore, Andy Cohen serves as an adjunct professor at New York University and lectures at NYU's Stern School of Business.

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