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Spencer Johnson Style

Spencer Johnson engages his audience in a predetermined fashion by gathering requirements, insights, and information before the speaking engagement. Johnsonís approach is lighthearted and funny, engaging and even counter-intuitive. Johnsonís candid presentation style invites individuals to take action and make things happen.

Spencer Johnson Focus

Dealing with change and competition; adapting to change in productive ways; Clarifying issues and performing assessments beforehand using the insight and information provided by clients; Work with people and teams in every situation to address questions such as: Is the shipping department feeling stress about the new warehouse system? Has a recent merger left employees feeling worried and exhausted? Do you need to get several departments communicating about an upcoming change? Encouraging companies and groups in the midst of seemingly overwhelming change to laugh at themselves in the middle of change, overcome obstacles like fear and comfort, and see change as an adventure where something better awaits them. Help individuals in teams clearly define the changes they are facing, leading them to a different view of change and discovering how they can prosper from it.

Spencer Johnson Topics

Dr. Spencer Johnson is one of the world's most influential thinkers and beloved authors. He is renowned for his brief, profound parables that help millions of people manage in changing times and rejuvenate their spirits. The former physician's stories focus on discovering how to enjoy healthier success, with more meaning and less stress, at work and in life.

Spencer Johnson Engagements

Microsoft, Xerox, the U.S. Air Force, Franklin Covey, United Nations, Gillette, Kraft, Symcor, NASA, Bayer Health Care, US Airways, Arrow Shirt, Hewlett Packard, Lincoln Financial Group, Honda Motors, Marriott Hotels

Spencer Johnson Before Current Career

  • Medical Director of Communications for Medtronic
  • Research Physician at the Institute for Inter-Disciplinary Studies
  • Consultant to the Center for the Study of the Person
  • Consultant to School of Medicine at University of California
  • Leadership Fellow at the Harvard Business School
  • Chairman of Spencer Johnson Partners

Books written by Spencer Johnson

Who Moved My Cheese?; The One Minute Manager, One Minute For Yourself, One Minute Father; The Present; Prosper from Change; One Minute Salesperson; Yes or No: The Guide to Better Decisions

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