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Mark Hughes is one of the most resourceful minds and creative marketers in the industry, and specializes in creating marketing campaigns through word of mouth sometimes called buzz marketing. Buzz Marketing has been called by Time magazine “one of the cleverest marketing schemes in recent memory”. Mark Hughes’ style has been labeled as dynamic, amazing storytelling that moves the audience with entertainment and delivers practical information the audience can apply the very next day. Hughes describes his speaking style as Oprahesque, lively, informative, fact & and experience based, slightly crazy (like a fox).

Mark Hughes Focus

Building word of mouth campaigns through techniques called buzzed marketing. Focus includes answering these questions: Are you the #2 or #3 brand in your category with half the budget of your competitor? Do you have a better mousetrap but no brand recognition? Developed the following trademarked techniques: 4i TM: Immersion, Ideation, Incorporation, and Implementation MIRP TM: Media Impressions (beyond) Rating Points

Mark Hughes Topics

Most marketing, advertising, and PR follows a "push" strategy. No one enjoys marketing that pushes you (pure advocacy). Buzz marketing, however, is completely different. Capturing attention of consumers and the media to the point where talking about your brand becomes entertaining, fascinating, and newsworthy. Everything we do is geared towards getting people talking about your brand, and getting the media writing about your brand. The key to buzz boils down to a seven letter word: stories. Giving people a great story to tell, which makes them interesting, entertaining, newsworthy.

Mark Hughes Engagements, Black & Decker, BrandSLAM, CTAM, Denmark Direct Marketing Association, Ernst & Young, ESRI, Healthcare Strategy Institute, ICSC Summit, iMedia Connection, International Marketing Conference, Johnson & Johnson Marketing Expo,, Simmons Market Research, Snack Food Association of America, Starbucks Transworld Ad Agency Network, Word of Mouth Marketing Association

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Marketing at PepsiCo Pizza Hut Marketing at XM Satellite Radio Assistant Vice President of Marketing and Advertising for Pep Boys Automotive VP Marketing for eBay’s

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