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Marcus Buckingham Style

Marcus Buckingham is a dynamic speaker that creates a positive buzz around the office about his presentations. Buckingham takes complex things and breaks them down to manageable, easy to understand levels by using fables and case histories. Buckingham’s motivational speaking style is engaging, entertaining and extremely genuine.

Marcus Buckingham Focus

In a world where efficiency and competency rule the workplace, where do personal strengths fit in and how to make the most of your strengths to achieve your full potential. Companies that focus on cultivating employees’ strengths rather than simply improving their weaknesses stand to dramatically increase efficiency while allowing for maximum personal growth and success.

Marcus Buckingham Topics

Identify signature themes that help employees quantify their personal strengths in the workplace and at home. True leaders have a unique ability to make things simple and bring out the strengths in their best people. Finding your strengths and using them as motivational springboards to reach your full potential.

Marcus Buckingham Engagements

Toyota, Coca-Cola, Master Foods, Wells Fargo, Disney, Walgreens, Reed Elsevier, The Wharton School of Business, Member of the Secretary of State's Advisory Committee on Leadership and Management

Marcus Buckingham Before Current Career

Sr. Researcher at The Gallup Organization

Books written by Marcus Buckingham

First Break All The Rules; Now Discover Your Strengths; The One Thing You Need To Know

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