”Impossible” – The Power of Assumptions

This trick works because the participant assumes you are using two regular cards. It’s easy to learn, requires no sleight of hand, and can be performed anywhere and at any occasion.

EFFECT: Two cards are shown. One is face up; the other face down. The cards magically switch places.

METHOD: The secret is in the cards; they are double sided. One card has the seven of hearts on one side and the ace of spades on the other. The second card has a red back on both sides. You begin by holding a card in each hand and flicking the two cards against each other, thereby demonstrating that there are only two cards. (figure 1)


You then place the two cards in your right hand in a spread position (use your left hand if you are a lefty). The top card should be spread to the right. (figure 2)

Turn your wrist to show the other side of the cards. As the hand turns, the right thumb pulls the top card to the left, while the fingers push the lower card to the right. In this way the illusion of two “normal” cards is maintained. (figure 3)

Repeat this once or twice. The participant will see a seven of hearts and an ace of spades with red backs. When he or she sees the seven of hearts facing up, the participant will assume the ace of spades is facing down. Remove the face-up card (let’s say the ace of spades) and hold it next to the participant’s ear. Then ask him or her to name the card you are holding face down in front of them. The participant will answer the seven of hearts. Flip the ace of spades over secretly and silently, then pull your hand back into view to show the participant that you are holding the seven of hearts in your other hand.

Go back to the beginning move and repeat (but not more than three times, as it increases the odds of the participant asking to see the cards).