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Andrew Zolli Style

Andrew Zolli is a young, brilliant, connected leader of the next generation of futurists. Zolli has a gift for seeing patterns and making connections between trends in demographics, technology, geopolitics and business. Zollipersonally explores the trends heís studying. Zolli is a great presenter with a dynamic, energetic, funny and loose style that captivates his audience. Zolliís delivery is a galloping cascade of eye-opening facts, first-hand stories and reality-defining insights.

Andrew Zolli Focus

Expert on the future where brands and demographics, creativity and innovation, design and technology meet

Andrew Zolli Topics

big picture, major trends affecting society and the wider world, yet pointedly relevant; industry-specific context for defining strategy; especially strong in innovation, product development and design; branding and marketing of technology New ways to think strategically about the future, and, if desired, ideas on how to create processes for future planning in your organization

Andrew Zolli Engagements

Pop!Tech on the Economics of Abundance, National Geographic, General Electric, Sun Microsytems, eBay, Target

Andrew Zolli Before Current Career

Chief Marketing Officer of & Gale. Worked on positioning of the AmEx Blue Card, Netscape Navigator, the Weather Channel, both online and on cable, the countries of Argentina and New Zealand in the global market; Kodak; 3M. Created the first international exhibition on brands at the Royal Albert Hall. Futurist-in-residence: American Demographics magazine, Popular Science magazine

Books written by Andrew Zolli

The Catalog of Tomorrow: Trends Shaping Your Future

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