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Follow the Other Hand: A Remarkable Fable That Will Energize Your Business, Profits, and Life

Andy Cohen
St. Martin's Press (2006)
ISBN 0312357931
Reviewed by Beverly Pechin for Reader Views (12/06)

I have to admit at first glance I was completely confused about the idea behind this book. The premise was a self-help business book but using "magic." Now, I'm as optimistic as the next gal but to actually think "magic" can make a business thrive... well, that's just plain ludicrous! Isn't it?

Believe me when I tell you, not only is this approach NOT ludicrous but the most inventive approach to business I've ever seen. And to top it all off, as crazy as it may seem, it works! Don't take my word for it, ask the executives at IBM or Nestle' or many other big name companies that have utilized his expertise. A success story himself, he took the ideas from a magician named Merlin and together created a unique method to open new doors in the business world.  His approach teaches how to be a leader instead of a follower, a creator instead of a copier. Utilizing techniques, thoughts and ideas from the world of magic in ways that you would never even imagine to be something that would so easily transfer over to the world of business, Cohen creates a realistic yet phenomenal approach to making your business grow.

What do all successful businesses have in common? The answer is simple, they're leaders. Thinking outside the box is something we're all taught in the business world to be "creative," yet we're frowned upon if it's too much so out of the box. Cohen's techniques create a way of thinking outside of the box that will challenge even the most non-creative of business executives.  By challenging the ideas that are always thought of as impossible this magical approach will end up making anything seem possible, hence where the "magic" comes in.

The part that seems the most fun is how Cohen literally does teach some magic tricks to get your point across to others. Actually forcing others to think about the trick you perform and come up with how it works themselves, you open up their creative juices to a full flow and began a trek down the road to success.

You will walk away from “Follow the Other Hand” not only with the incentive to become creative and make changes but with an attitude that anything is possible... even a little magic!