Motivational Speaker
Keynote Address

If you like learning through stories, you should find this quite engaging.

Craig Matteson (Ann Arbor, MI)

September 15, 2006

People enjoy learning through stories. It seems to make the principles easier to understand and remember because the illuminating practical applications are already included with the principles to be learned. This book is a fictional story that is designed to teach the reader some very practical ideas.

Andy Cohen has combined his expertise as a business consultant with his skills as a magician to create an engaging fable that teaches the reader about freeing up perceptions and ideas in oneself and in one's team in order to create a fresh path to growth and success. Jonathan West, the protagonist in this story, is running a family olive oil business that has been in his family for generations.

Their traditional business model has them stuck in an unattractive and unsustainable place in the market. While wondering whether to ride with the business until it can't go any further or selling out now, a friend points him to a strange sort of business consultant, a magic shop owner who goes by the name of Merlin. The friend even provides a check for the first appointment. If the first meeting isn't worth the fee, just hand Merlin his check. If it is worthwhile, then the Jonathan should pay. The same goes for any subsequent meetings with Merlin. Do you think West ever uses the check?

I don't want to share the lessons learned because that is the point of the book, but you can imagine that they have to do with perception, freeing up one's mind to look at the effect one wants to create, and so forth. You know, how a magician works. The author even teaches the reader a few simple magic tricks you can use to amaze your friends and associates.

The book also includes a list of magic shops and books on magic that Cohen likes. That way you can build on the tricks in the book and keep your friends entertained.