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Magical Steps to Success

Craig L. Howe " - Home of the Pointed Pundit" (Darien, CT United States)

October 3, 2006

I love it when an author comes up with a unique method to tell an old story. Andy Cohen has accomplished it in spades with Follow the other hand.

Combining his expertise as a business consultant with his hobby, Cohen pens a magical book that reveals how to think differently, increase your sales and generate new ideas. In short, the subject is how to gain a competitive edge.

The steps are old; the treatment is new. Using a fable of a company mired and stagnating, Cohen uses a magic metaphor to chart a fresh, energized path to growth and success.

The steps may be old, but by the "fable's" conclusion, you will be filled with more ideas and solutions that you will be able to implement.

I doff my hat to Andy Cohen. If you only have time to read one business strategy book, this is the book. It is short, well-written and insightful. Read it and you will have plenty of time to tackle your problems with a creative, renewed vigor.